Stained Glass

I first started working with glass when I resigned from Telecom Australia (now Telstra) in 1988. I had a small business called Pictures in Glass, designing and installing lead light window commissions. I also created glass and copper foil window hangings. The subjects were mainly birds and frogs. I also recreated, in glass, the drawings of E H Shepard featured in the A A Milne stories of Winnie the Pooh. These proved very popular and, although they were very time consuming, were a lot of fun to make. I initially spent a lot of time convincing The Walt Disney Company, owners of the copyright on the drawings, to grant me a licence to reproduce the drawings. For this privilege I paid a monthly commission on works sold. This avenue of work came to an abrupt halt some years later when Disney decided I was small fry, not worth bothering with, and withdrew my licence. I no longer work in stained glass, but the skills I gained in glass cutting and have stood me in good stead for my continuing work in kiln-formed glass.

There are still a few stained glass panels available. Contact me if you are interested.